Fireborn Publishing Promises...

Fireborn Publishing promises to authors that we will...

1. …be true to the EPIC Code of Conduct for publishers.
2. …pay authors first…always. Owner pay comes out of the budget last. We will not spend money until authors are paid. Period. When the opportunity arises, we will reinvest money in growing the business.
3. …consider all suggestions brought to us seriously, at a monthly meeting between owner staff, whether the suggestions come from authors, editors, or readers.
4. …allow our staff to do what they do best, within their budgets, without micromanagement.
5. …departments support other departments as much as we can. Streamlining the job for everyone lightens the load.
6. …help our authors to promote/market their work to the best of our ability, teach new authors to promote/market themselves, and be available to answer all questions authors have.
7. …write and maintain an ebook for authors, giving answers to commonly-asked questions, and maintain active communication between authors and contacts in the individual departments.
8. ...Maintain PDF copies of royalty reports and book copies online, so authors can download their copies, in perpetuity.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

We've officially launched!

UPDATE: Our sale site is FULLY FUNCTIONAL (as far as we know...fingers crossed that we don't find errors we haven't caught yet!). We have launched!

We're still working on the site, so you'll see changes coming through.

1. We've fixed the zero balance issue we were having. You can now check out with a zero balance.

2. We put up the gift certificates and tested the system, including sending GC money to another person. It's a very different system than I've used before, but it works beautifully. When you buy GC money for someone else, it will appear in your total within 24 hours. You can then choose ANY amount of that total to send to another person.

3. We haven't tested it yet, but we've added a "save for later" feature to the cart system.

4. The pre-fab information pages that come with the store system are not working correctly, so I added all the information about terms and conditions and such to the FAQ page we've built.

5. We're working with Amazon to add Checkout by Amazon as a feature on our site, for people who absolutely hate using PayPal. We may add a third option as well, but we want to start with those two right now.

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