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Monday, September 21, 2015

New Releases for September!

Cory & Deshawn #1: Plague Dance (Dragon Dance Cycle) by Michael Barnette
gay fantasy sensual romance
$2.99 in ebook (134 pages, 26357 words)

Cory and Deshawn survived a plague-ravaged world. But can they survive Roderik, the man who would be King?

After a mutated strain of Ebola ended the world as we know it, Staff Sergeant Deshawn Roberts finds himself alone and longing for companionship.

Cory Wilson, one time office worker, has been a captive of Roderick, King of the Lone Star Empire. It's a life of slavery worse than death, and Cory escapes and is on the run.

Brought together by chance, can these two men survive in the harsh reality of post-Collapse America, and will they find the love they both crave?

CONTENT ADVISORIES: This is a re-release title. NOTE: While the books in Dragon Dance Series and Dragon Dance Cycle are set in the same world, they are not otherwise related. The books within each series should be read in order, but you do not have to read one series to understand the other.

Redemption by Caitlin Ricci
gay historical action romance
$1.99 in ebook (71 pages, 16048 words)

Douglas Carr, a soldier in the Colorado Territory Militia in 1864, flees to Denver City after participating in a massacre. While there, he agrees to track down a man, a runaway slave. But Elias is more than he bargained for.

In 1864, Douglas Carr, a soldier in the Colorado Territory Militia, makes a horrible mistake. In the wake of a massacre, he flees the militia to lose himself in Denver City, where he agrees to track down a man. It should have been an easy job. Instead he finds Elias.

Elias, a runaway slave, knows his master is hunting him down for the money he stole. He'll die before he goes back there, though. He's managed to evade every tracker who has been sent on his trail, but this new one isn't as easy to shake.

When the men meet in the middle of a deadly snowstorm, they're forced to put aside their objectives as they work toward the singular goal of survival. But as the snow continues and secrets begin to come out, neither of the men can be certain of the other, much less himself.

Touch of a Ghost by LM Brown
 gay paranormal sensual romance
$1.99 in ebook (113 pages, 22188 words)

What if you could only touch your lover one night of the year? In a relationship with a ghost, Halloween night is all you have.

Drew Jessop wants a life without ghosts. He doesn't want to see, hear, or talk to them. Ignoring them should be relatively simple.

But Drew soon finds that Benji Richards, an eternally gorgeous ghost from the fifties, is not so easy to ignore.

Halloween night is approaching and both Drew and Benji know what it could mean for them. From sunset to sunrise, it is the one night of the year when a mortal can feel the touch of a ghost.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title is a re-release title.

Henri (To Catch a Kidnapper #2) by Edward Kendrick
gay paranormal mystery action sensual romance
$2.99 in ebook (152 pages, 28801 words)

When Allyn and Ransom's friend, coywolf shifter Henri, hides from an insane abductor, the three, along with art dealer and shifter Taegan, work to stop the kidnapper. Will Henri's and Taegan's attraction grow, or will their search end in death?

Allyn and Ransom's new friend coywolf shifter, Henri, has been hiding at Allyn and Madeline's house to avoid an insane abductor. Finally deciding he'll be hostage to his fears no more, Henri enlists his friends to help him lure the maniacal murderer into the open so they can catch him, once and for all. They have to get his attention and a ritzy outdoor party thrown by gallery owner Taegan Sauvage is just the place.

Taegan doesn't realize, when he meets his friends at the party, that the man accompanying them will awaken his protective urges. Being a shifter too, he joins the group in their effort to end the threat on Henri's life. What he didn't plan was a serious attachment to Henri.

Will the attraction between Henri and Taegan have a chance to grow or will their search end in death for one or both of them?

CONTENT ADVISORY: Order of series matters in this series. Please do not read out of order.

Daimon (Demonica Universe #3) by Pelaam
gay fantasy action erotic romance
$1.99 in ebook (109 pages, 20958 words)

A demon and empath, Daimon lives in a remote part of New Zealand. But it is often boring. Sensing someone's despair, Daimon follows his curiosity and investigates, only to find out more about his new neighbours than he expected. 

Daimon, a empathic demon aligned with neither the dark nor the light, lives in a remote part of New Zealand for the scenery as much as the lack of people. But the self-imposed solitude is often boring.

While watching the moon one evening, Daimon senses someone's despair. Curious, he investigates--not that the memory of the gorgeous man who'd moved in nearby recently has anything to do with his interest--only to find out more about his new neighbours than he expected.

Well, at least he isn't bored anymore.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a substantially re-edited re-release title.

Three-Way Weekend by Theophilia St. Claire
gay menage contemporary erotic romance
$1.99 in ebook - Coming 25 September 2015

Lovers Jeremy and Ethan spot Javier, a sexy Spanish stranger who happens to be the perfect guy to take home for a steamy menage. But Jeremy will have to learn to put aside his feelings of uncertainty if he wants to have a good time.

contemporary family drama romance
$0.99  in ebook -
Coming 25 September 2015

Tyler is facing the big 5-0, a perfect time to take stock and celebrate. But the quirks of life and love all seem to get in the way. A scary diagnosis for a friend shakes her world. With a bit of humor & a shot of love, life awakens her.

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