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Fireborn Publishing promises to authors that we will...

1. …be true to the EPIC Code of Conduct for publishers.
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3. …consider all suggestions brought to us seriously, at a monthly meeting between owner staff, whether the suggestions come from authors, editors, or readers.
4. …allow our staff to do what they do best, within their budgets, without micromanagement.
5. …departments support other departments as much as we can. Streamlining the job for everyone lightens the load.
6. …help our authors to promote/market their work to the best of our ability, teach new authors to promote/market themselves, and be available to answer all questions authors have.
7. …write and maintain an ebook for authors, giving answers to commonly-asked questions, and maintain active communication between authors and contacts in the individual departments.
8. ...Maintain PDF copies of royalty reports and book copies online, so authors can download their copies, in perpetuity.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New releases!

Becomes the Rose (Demonica Universe #4) by Pelaam
gay fantasy vampire sensual romance
$2.99 in ebook
138 pages, 27314 words

Although Tarin's long-term relationship ended recently, he still decides to go on the long-planned camping trip with his ex. Since the relationship had been comfortable but nothing earthshaking, they both enjoyed camping, and they'd moved back to just friends easily enough, there was no reason not to.

But when he wakes up after an argument about sharing a bed, he finds his ex gone--with the car--leaving him miles from the nearest bus route back to Auckland and only his two feet to get him there. Despite detailed instructions from his hostess, Tarin gets lost on the unsigned, unpaved roads.

With the approaching night shrouded in a thick, creepy mist, Tarin can't believe his luck when he stumbles upon a nameless hamlet. But are the friendly, gorgeous men who live there his saviours or his downfall?

CONTENT ADISORY: This is a significantly re-edited and expanded re-issued story.

First Sight by Jaxx Steele
bisexual paranormal vampire erotica
$1.99 in ebook
73 pages, 14270 words

As a vampire, Niko Delray has lived a long time. He enjoys a life filled with profitable businesses and sex with multiple humans...but lately loneliness has begun to overtake him. Tired of the ritual of bringing strangers to his bed, Niko longs to have a lover to share his long life with. After meeting Jordan Hunter, Niko feels he has met his mate. Though he and Jordan share many likes, Jordan has only enjoyed the company of women in his bed. As their friendship grows, Niko wonders what he has to do to be than just friends with Jordan.

The Last Straw by William Holden
gay horror
$1.99 in ebook
78 pages, 15474 words

On their way home from their father's funeral, brothers John and Danny encounter a sleepy little town where someone has the hobby of making very realistic scarecrows. What starts out as an oddity ends up as a fight for their lives.

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