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Monday, January 25, 2016

NEW RELEASES and New ARe Bestsellers!

Care Package by Jaxx Steele

Gay military contemporary May/Dec interracial erotic romance

17037 words, 87 pages

$1.99 in ebook

Winner of the Swirl Award for Best LGBT in 2012

When First Sergeant Dwayne Roman, a seasoned soldier, falls for another soldier under his command, he does everything in his power to keep his feelings at bay. Unfortunately, his relationship is discovered and he is asked to leave his life in the army.

The victim of the unjust laws of the land and a military cover-up, Dwayne settled fitfully into civilian life separated from the most important person in his life. After suffering three years with regret and loneliness, he saw an opportunity to regain what self-serving people took from him. He took the chance regardless of who was in his way or who got hurt.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is an extensively re-edited and expanded re-release title.

One Last Kiss Goodbye (Hidden Hearts #2) by NJ Nielsen

Gay contemporary crime sensual romance

42098 words, 198 pages

$3.99 in ebook

Jacen is living a lie in a relationship with someone he can't fully love. He's moved away from the one man meant for him, Kayne. Distance doesn't help, though, because his heart can't forget.

Teenage mistakes set Kayne's future, so, with one last kiss goodbye, he's let the man who held his heart--his best friend's younger brother--walk away. Time doesn't heal all wounds. It just confuses matters, especially when Kayne has a young son and soon-to-be ex-wife.

Then Jacen comes home. He's been both physically and mentally abused by his ex-boyfriend. Kayne needs to help find out just who is trying to destroy Jacen's life. Who's to blame--the man responsible for beating Jacen up or Kayne's very own ex, who has hated Jacen since they were teenagers when she'd found out Jacen held Kayne's heart?

Will the mystery enemy destroy them or bring them closer?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is an extensively expanded and re-edited re-release title.

The Element Case (Quint and Clay Art Crimes #1) by Edward Kendrick

Gay contemporary crime sensual romance

34702 words, 177 pages

$2.99 in ebook

Clay Richardson is a well-known artist who owns his own gallery.

Quint Hawk, a police detective, makes contact with Clay when he sees a portrait Clay has painted in the window of the gallery--a portrait of a homeless young man who was murdered just days before. Unfortunately, Clay has no idea who the subject was.

Several months later, Quint contacts Clay to again ask about one of Clay's paintings. The subject has been murdered, as has a third man in another of his paintings.

The reclusive artist and the handsome detective are drawn to each other as they try to determine what is happening and why. They come up with a plan to catch the killer--a plan that could end up in their deaths before they can decide if there is more to their feelings than a couple of very good nights in Clay's bed.

The White Cat by Jennifer Thorne

Gay fae fantasy sensual romance

13940 words, 67 pages

$1.99 in ebook

Erard is a lost and wandering prince, bent on regaining his kingdom. Cat is a fairy guardian of the enchanted forest, waiting for his prince to come. They both must discover that "destiny" isn't all it's cracked up to be, and love can be found in the most peculiar places.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

In The Heart of Love (Shifting Hearts #1) by Jaymie Michaels

Paranormal shifter western American historical sensual romance

90684 words, 426 pages

$5.99 in ebook

Charlotte "Lottie" McCade is a widow with a pile of problems. She has three children, no money and little food, and a man she can't stand, pestering her to be his. When a handsome man drifts into her life, she's unwilling to let him get involved, but circumstances conspire to get him involved. Worse, she finds herself falling in love with the handsome drifter. But things in her life are far more complicated than Lottie realizes.

Eli Whittier is a man with a past. One he wants to forget. He can't normally abide being around people; they remind him that men like him with a thing living in their souls don't deserve a love or a family. But he can't leave a woman in distress, especially when she's up against a man that has the look of a cold-blooded killer in his eyes and the scent of a wolf living under his skin.

Carl Hightower will stop at nothing to have Lottie. And if it takes murdering the drifter, her children, and anyone else who gets in his way, he's more than happy see people dead. He'll do what it takes to have her because she's the only woman he's ever met who can give him what he wants: werewolf sons.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This story is a re-edited, expanded re-release title.

Destiny & Dragons (Fairy Tales for All #3) by LM Brown

Gay fantasy paranormal shifter sensual romance

26922 words, 145 pages

$2.99 in ebook

When Lord Marcus set out on his quest, it seemed a simple enough task to accomplish. Slay the dragon and rescue the princess, securing his father's approval and earning his happily ever after--only the princess is a witch and the dragon is nowhere to be seen. Instead he finds a young man who has a very big secret and is in far greater need of rescuing. Marcus's well planned quest might have taken an unexpected turn, but his happy ending could still be within his grasp, if he can earn the trust of a dragon who has been betrayed and hurt by everyone he has ever known.

Gay contemporary sensual romance

3523 words, 22 pages

$0.99 in ebook

A day in the life of Jessie Boren and Troy Jordan--a miner and a massage therapist respectively--in western coal country.

A Boyfriend for the Weekend by Caitlin Ricci

Gay contemporary sensual romance

11229 words, 55 pages

$1.99 in ebook

For two years, Dexter has been Jamal's client and Jamal has never been anything more than an escort to Dexter. But when Dexter has to be at a horse show, he asks Jamal to come with him. He wants to be Jamal's friend, and he hopes they can have fun while they're away.

But when Jamal's ex-girlfriend suddenly can't take care of their ten-year-old son, Kenaan, as she'd promised, Jamal has to let Dexter know that their plans for a weekend away have hit a snag. Dexter says it's fine, but it certainly changes things. Is there a future for them, beyond client and escort?

The Cover Model by Cheyenne Meadows

Contemporary humorous sensual romance

55097 words, 277 pages

$3.99 in ebook

What happens when Fancy, an uptight researcher, finds herself at a scientific conference sharing space with hundreds of avid romance novel fans and a hunky, big time cover model named Mitch right next door? She bangs on the door and demands the orgy stop at once, of course.

Yet, deep down, they sense something in one another which might explain why they keep gravitating toward each other. Mitch can't help teasing the innocent and outspoken Fancy even as she lectures him on hotel etiquette and blossoms right before his eyes. Add in his greatest fan with a criminal past that he's supposed to track down, penis suckers, a risque photo shoot, a kidnapping, and Cinderella's ball, and the fun never stops. In true fairy tale fashion, they fall for one another, but will this particular tale end as the last book closes at the convention?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.