Fireborn Publishing Promises...

Fireborn Publishing promises to authors that we will...

1. …be true to the EPIC Code of Conduct for publishers.
2. …pay authors first…always. Owner pay comes out of the budget last. We will not spend money until authors are paid. Period. When the opportunity arises, we will reinvest money in growing the business.
3. …consider all suggestions brought to us seriously, at a monthly meeting between owner staff, whether the suggestions come from authors, editors, or readers.
4. …allow our staff to do what they do best, within their budgets, without micromanagement.
5. …departments support other departments as much as we can. Streamlining the job for everyone lightens the load.
6. …help our authors to promote/market their work to the best of our ability, teach new authors to promote/market themselves, and be available to answer all questions authors have.
7. …write and maintain an ebook for authors, giving answers to commonly-asked questions, and maintain active communication between authors and contacts in the individual departments.
8. ...Maintain PDF copies of royalty reports and book copies online, so authors can download their copies, in perpetuity.

Monday, March 28, 2016


"While Scifi is not usually my cup of tea, I loved how Ms. Cosmo made it so you do not have to be a huge Scifi fan to love this story. There is parts to both an erotic romance and Scifi and balanced enough that the love shines through keeping me reading and wanting more. Over all this is a great read full of twists and turns. I love the fascinating world Ms.Cosmo has created and I cannot wait for a certain someone to fall in love and get his story next. I hope it is very very soon."
Redz for Redz World Reviews
5 Shooting Stars!

"With a fairy tale ending that isn't at all like the original and adds some very modern elements to this delightfully funny rendition of a story where very few people are what they seem, this short book totally charmed me. It is entertaining, yet carries a serious message about the need to be true to yourself and to accept others the way they are. If you like re-interpreted fairy tales, if you're looking for something to cheer you up, and if a romantic comedy with lots of behind-the-scenes truths is your thing, you will probably like this story as much as I did."
Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews

"If you like reinterpreted fairy tales, if you're looking for something to make you think and give you hope, and if you're looking for a read that is both entertaining and a great love story, then you will probably like this novella."
Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews

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