Fireborn Publishing Promises...

Fireborn Publishing promises to authors that we will...

1. …be true to the EPIC Code of Conduct for publishers.
2. …pay authors first…always. Owner pay comes out of the budget last. We will not spend money until authors are paid. Period. When the opportunity arises, we will reinvest money in growing the business.
3. …consider all suggestions brought to us seriously, at a monthly meeting between owner staff, whether the suggestions come from authors, editors, or readers.
4. …allow our staff to do what they do best, within their budgets, without micromanagement.
5. …departments support other departments as much as we can. Streamlining the job for everyone lightens the load.
6. …help our authors to promote/market their work to the best of our ability, teach new authors to promote/market themselves, and be available to answer all questions authors have.
7. …write and maintain an ebook for authors, giving answers to commonly-asked questions, and maintain active communication between authors and contacts in the individual departments.
8. ...Maintain PDF copies of royalty reports and book copies online, so authors can download their copies, in perpetuity.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


A new review just came in for Through a Glass Darkly by Pelaam! It's a good day for Pelaam.

"This is a nicely scary variation on the idea that mirrors are more than flat panes of glass we use to see our reflection. The idea that they are gateways into other dimensions, a different time, or even other worlds has always fascinated me. [snip] If you like the supernatural, enjoy being scared and yet hopeful for a good ending at the same time, and if you like to follow an author's thought experiments, you will probably like this story. It's imaginative, full of tension, and might just move you to the edge of your seat. It also has a super-sweet ending that makes everything the characters had to go through worth it--at least I think it does."
Serena Yates for Rainbow Book Reviews!

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