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Fireborn Publishing promises to authors that we will...

1. …be true to the EPIC Code of Conduct for publishers.
2. …pay authors first…always. Owner pay comes out of the budget last. We will not spend money until authors are paid. Period. When the opportunity arises, we will reinvest money in growing the business.
3. …consider all suggestions brought to us seriously, at a monthly meeting between owner staff, whether the suggestions come from authors, editors, or readers.
4. …allow our staff to do what they do best, within their budgets, without micromanagement.
5. …departments support other departments as much as we can. Streamlining the job for everyone lightens the load.
6. …help our authors to promote/market their work to the best of our ability, teach new authors to promote/market themselves, and be available to answer all questions authors have.
7. …write and maintain an ebook for authors, giving answers to commonly-asked questions, and maintain active communication between authors and contacts in the individual departments.
8. ...Maintain PDF copies of royalty reports and book copies online, so authors can download their copies, in perpetuity.

Friday, June 24, 2016


After it Rains by Daniel James Zampini
contemporary mystery thriller
51866 words, 288 in ebook, 224 in print
$3.99 in ebook, $11.49 in print

For law abiding New Jersey citizens, Hurricane Sandy caused billions in property damage. For heroin junkie and college dropout Sean Cody, the night of the storm destroyed everything.

Returning home from a last minute drug run, Sean finds his lover, Alexa Castiglione, dead from an apparent overdose. But where did she get the dope that killed her? As Sean searches for answers, he finds himself trapped between unlikely allies on both sides of the resurgent East Coast heroin epidemic.

Chris Anders is a local detective obsessed with the deadly brand of dope that killed Alexa. FBI Special Agent Vanessa Coleridge has Anders pegged as her prime suspect in a series of bizarre gangland slayings. Meanwhile, the Castiglione crime family, led by Alexa's father, operates in the shadows to capitalize on the chaos. Will Sean discover the truth behind Alexa's death, or will he become another casualty of America's newest drug war?

There is a truth hidden behind the manicured lawns, carbon-copy strip malls, and million dollar McMansions of contemporary suburbia. Not even a hurricane can wipe the slate clean.

Incubus (Demonica Origins #2) by Pelaam
gay fantasy action sensual romance
29525 words, 150 pages in ebook

Geoffrey of Whalley is a slayer on the mend. Still healing from an almost fatal demon hunt, his full recovery has been slow, with missing memories and odd dreams impeding the process.

A call from a friend to investigate a report of an incubus in a small village, sure to be nothing more than an innocent falsely accused, gives him an easy job while he regains his full strength, and an opportunity to find a new intermediary, one who suits better than the last.

When Geoffrey arrives, he finds the accused is new to town, and none of the usual signs of an incubus. But four people have disappeared recently, and he refuses to leave until he finds out why. There is evil in the village, but not in the form Geoffrey imagines.

What secrets does Raul hide?

Can Geoffrey defeat the darkness that threatens?

Daddy by Default by Shawn Bailey
gay contemporary sensual romance
20053 words, 113 pages
$1.99 in ebook

Derek Webster's world gets turned upside down when his nineteen-year-old pregnant sister, Ashlynn, is injured in a car accident. The doctors manage to save the infant, but Ashlynn succumbs to her injures. Derek becomes guardian to his nephew and discovers it leaves him little or no time to socialize.

Chance Richards is at the top of his game. He has a job he loves and a loving family. The only thing he lacks is a serious relationship. He meets Derek, a young man with a gorgeous soul and a six-month old baby. The two of them may be happy together, or Chance's fears and vulnerabilities about the future can put an end to them before their relationship starts.

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